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Oliver and Jumpy The Cat Series By Werner Stejskal

Stories 55-62: Bedtime stories for children in illustrated picture book with short stories for early readers. (Oliver and Jumpy, the cat series) Ages 1-8 and older children



Oliver and Jumpy, cover










Author, Werner Stejskal created an entertaining teaching tool in the latest Oliver and Jumpy The Cat Series Stories 55-62 picture book.  I reviewed three stories, each teaching a different lesson, any child will enjoy Oliver and Jumpy’s continued adventures.  The balance of the stories follow after the same excellent composition but geared for older children.

Story 55:  Flood: A big storm has come and everyone must take shelter in the tree house.  Crowding into the tree house, there’s no room to spare.  Saved by helping each other and cooperating together, Stejskal teaches the valuable lesson of coöperation and getting along.

Story 56:  Lazy Squirrel:  Winter is coming and Squirly’s stash of nuts for winter disappeared.  Oliver discovers Lazy, the squirrel, is taking them.  To teach Lazy a lesson, Oliver and Jumpy remove the nuts


One Magic Kiss By Holly Cortelyou



One Magic Kiss by Holly Cortelyou
One Magic Kiss, cover











Author Holly Cortelyou takes us back to Timber Falls in novel/novella, One Magic Kiss.  Crafting a sweet magical valentine tale, Cortelyou gives us a glimpse into love when helped along with magic.  Violet Greenlow always adds a little something extra into her love cakes.  As the unofficial local matchmaker, her ingredients usually work like a charm.  Her eye lands on Jake Sterling on Valentine Day.  Local bar owner, Jake has resisted all her attempts at matchmaking.  Jake’s fiancée ran off with his best friend leaving a deep hurt. The new librarian, Cara, would be perfect for Jake. Cara has a hurt heart which needs healing as well.

As Violet works her magic, it is up to Jake and Cara, to bring the magic into the real world with one magic


Valentine’s Rose By E. E. Burke



Valentine's Rose, by E. E. Burke, cover, jpeg
Valentine’s Rose, Cover











Author E. E. Burke created an intriguing and satisfying novel filled with emotion in Valentine’s Rose.  The first book in a new series, the reader will find everything needed for an enjoyable and entertaining read.  Set in Kansas during the height of the railroad boom, the workers are desperate for women.  Hoping to calm down the fights and destruction, the railroad devises a plan to bring brides out west.

The men nor the brides get exactly what they thought they would.  Primarily, the men are dirty, crude, and unmannerly.   The women are from varied backgrounds and do not look fondly on a marriage raffle with themselves as the prize.

Rose Muldoon, former laundress, grew up in the Five Point District of New York.  No worse slum existed.  Rose is looking for love and security in her husband.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rose finds herself married to Constantine Valentine, formerly of the English nobility.  Can these two polar opposites forge a lasting marriage?  Will Val leave Rose to return to England if he finds his fortune?  Come and follow Rose


Little Boy Blue By M. J. Arlidge



Little Boy Blue by M. J. Arlidge, Cover
Little Boy Blue, cover




In Little Boy Blue, DI Helen Grace, is on a case which will touch home.  Helen has deep dark secrets;  secrets she does not want brought to the light of day.  Consequently, this case will showcase all of Helen’s skill as an investigator as well as her secrets.

Men in the BDSM world are dying horrible deaths.  As a result, it falls to Helen’s squad to find and bring the perpetrator to justice.  The investigation filled with pit falls, suspects, nemesis’, and an investigative team which has become disjointed. Consequently, will jealousy, temper, and desperation fracture the team and Helen?


Rise: How A House Built A Family By Carla Brookins



Rise: How A House Built A Family
Rise: How a House Built A Family, Cover




The permit office seemed to have as much confidence in my ability to learn from YouTube videos as the bank, so I gave it everything I had.






In Rise, How A House Built A Family, you find an abused family, living day-to-day in terror and fear.  As a result of the abuse, after the cause is no longer in their environment, they live with the aftermath and insecurities.  Cara Brookins knows her family needs something to solidify them.  Deciding to build a house, with no experience or help other than YouTube videos, and friendly advice, Cara and family set out to build their home.  From pencil drawn plans on the back of old papers and no knowledge of construction, they begin an adventure of a life time.

The reader follows Cara and four children through this trial by fire, and in the end, find they have built much more than a house.  For Cara knew, if they could build a house they could rebuild their lives from the ground up.


Secret Father By Suz deMello




Secret Father B Suz deMello
Secret Father, COVER




Sweet romance oozes from the pages of Secret Father.  Written by award-winning author Suz deMello, the reader will find a clean romance filled with emotion and character driven.  Linda Travers has loved Dave Madsen since she was fourteen.  Seventeen year old Dave, rescued Linda from a deadly snow storm and won her immediate love.  However, the course of true love did not run smooth, as Dave left town never knowing of shy Linda’s feelings.  Meeting again at college, and after one night of love, Dave’s gone again;  this time to the Amazon jungles.   Unfortunately, he left a little something behind this time.  Nine months later, none the wiser, Dave is a father.

After a career changing injury, Dave’s back in town to recuperate and receive physical therapy, leaving Linda, his newly appointed physical therapist, no option except tell Dave about his son.  A son who looks exactly like Dave does not go unnoticed in the small gossipy town of Renegade Ridge, California.


The Grand By Dennis D. Wilson




The Grand By Dennis Wilson
The Grand, Cover




Set in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming, author Dennis D. Wilson’s novel, The Grand is a masterpiece of mystery, thrills, and suspense.  Widowed Chicago cop Dean Wister’s, in the Grand Teton Mountains to reminisce and visit the valley his deceased wife loved, finds himself in the middle of a battle ground.  Murder, sex, power, and greed, are in play in quite Jackson Hole. With a visiting presidential candidate caught in flagrante, a hit man found dead, a murdered real estate agent, Russians mobsters around every corner, and a deceased wife who is very real and in the flesh to Dean, he has his hands full.

Ranging from Wyoming, Chicago, and the highest place of government, Washington, D.C., Dean’s investigation has huge ramifications for the lowly and high in the political and criminal arena.  With


The Cynical Sheikh By Barbara McMahon




The Cynical Sheikh by Barbara McMahon
The Cynical Sheikh, Cover












In The Cynical Sheikh, author Barbara McMahon, crafted a solid heart stirring romance between a working girl and ultra rich sheikh.  Working middle class Laura Toliver and rich privileged Jenna Stanhope have been friends forever and are closer than sisters.  Jenna has found the man of her dreams in Yuusuf bin Mohammad bin Horah.  Yuusuf has made bad decisions in the past; falling for gold diggers and fortune hunters.  His cousin, Talique bin Azoz bin Al-Rahman aka Tal, dispatched by their grandfather to get Yuusuf out of his latest disastrous relationship, has his own problems.  He arrives in America ready to nip the romance in the bud.

Unfortunately Laura, seen in social photo’s with Yuusuf, is mistakenly identified as his latest gold digger. 


Combustion By Martin J. Smith



Combustion, Cover



In Combustion, Martin J. Smith has crafted a top drawer murder crime mystery novel which pulls the reader into this intriguing story-line.   Lives collide, mysteries solved, and secrets revealed as a fire storm combust in Los Colmas.  Ron Starke followed in his father’s footsteps of law enforcement in the Inland Empire of California, Los Colmas.  A dedicated officer, passed over for promotion to Chief, Ron loves his job.

It is the dry season in California and fires are rampaging.  Meanwhile, the lack of rain has revealed the under water grave of missing Paul Dwyer, wealthy construction magnate.  Dwyer, super wealthy, abusive,


Paint The Town Dead By Nancy Haddock















Leslee Stanton Nix, aka Nixy, and the Silver Six are back in Nancy Haddock’s latest mystery, Paint The Town Dead.  Nixy and the gang have a new business enterprise.  Therefore, hard work and fortitude are the order of the day.  As a result, they have lined up craft demonstrations and prize giveaways for grand opening week;  everything from gourd painting to wall art is on the calendar.  Consequently, a lot is happening at The Handcraft Emporium.

Needless to say, things do not go as planned.  Most noteworthy are:  family squabbles, verbal assaults, theft, and murder.  These were not on the agenda.   However, gourd painter Doralee finds herself accused of murdering her ex-husbands obnoxious fiancée.


The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity by James M. Corkill



James M. Corkill, Gravity
The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity, Cover












In The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity, hero Alex Cave is back in action. Author James Corkill crafted a first-rate sci-fi mystery suspense which grabs the reader immediately and does not let go.  Something strange has happened in Iceland and the Director of the Nordic Volcanological Center needs Alex on the job. Alex and sidekick, Okana will face danger from all sides; asteroids, greedy villains, gravity gone amuck and girl friends problems.

An ancient machine is active and the destruction of earth is eminent, an asteroid on a collision course with


Buried Memories By Carol J. Post



Buried Memories by Carol Post
Buried Memories, cove











Buried Memories by author Carol J. Post, grabs the reader and hangs on throughout the novel.  With a story filled with tension, grief, suspense, and mystery, Post created a book worthy of the title mystery romance novel along with a clean and wholesome story-line.

Nicki Jackson moved to Cedar Key after the broke up with her fiance.  Although, hoping to find peace, Nicki finds old memories, hurts, and abuse are hard to forget.  Detectives have reopened her mother’s cold case murder, and Nicki finds herself having nightmares and dreams.  Neighbor and friend from her past, Tyler Brant, adds another layer of stress to her already stressed out life.  Tyler, a former soldier with PTSD, has his own problems and nightmares.

Nicki has acquired a stalker bent on destroying her life and anyone close to her.  Can Tyler protect Nicki? 


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