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When Death Draws Near By Carrie Stuart Parks



When Death Draws Nears, Cover











Gwen Marcey, forensic artist, is back in action in When Death Draws Near, book 3 of the Gwen Marcey stories.  Pikeville, Kentucky is the center of murder, accidents, and rapes; then, we have the Pentecostal Snake Handlers to add spice.  Gwen’s is in Pikeville to render a drawing the latest victim.  What starts as a simple case spirals out of control into much worse.  Gwen finds her cancer has returned, her ex-husband is still a controlling conniving jerk who loves to humiliate and demean her, and something is very off in Pikeville.

The Hillbilly Rapist is active, bodies are found murdered, the Sheriff’s Dept seems ineffective, and the local underground snake handling Pentecostal Church is going strong.  Gwen finds herself hired to infiltrate the


Podcast Dec 30, 2017: Elizabeth Grace




Elizabeth Grace




Ever wondered about the personalities behind your favorite books? Victoria Danann’s new podcast with Riley J. Ford has an incredible lineup of authors booked through January. No question is out of bounds. Check it out!



 Link December 30, 2017:


USA Today Bestselling author, Elisabeth Grace, has a hot spot for alpha males and a soft spot for happily ever afters. She lives outside of Toronto, Canada with her husband, two small children, and killer cat. Her theory is that Satan himself spawned the white furball. She’s almost always eaten a chocolate bar before 10am (don’t judge) and has a mild, but healthy obsession with model David Gandy. ?

If you’re a lover of romance novels, hot sex in obscure places, alpha males, and a little LOL on the side than you may enjoy her work!

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A Love Transformed By Tracie Peterson



A Love Transformed, Cover









A Love Transformed by Tracie Peterson is a fast paced Christian romance you will not want to miss.  The 3rd in the series, it is a standalone book with a story-line of self-forgiveness and God’s love.



Clara Vesper’s life has never been what she wished.  Her mother, domineering, demanding, and controlling forced her to marry for wealth and position.  Forced into a loveless marriage, Clara finds solace by designing jewelry for her husband’s business and raising her twins.  She and her husband never had a loving relationship and now, he has been murdered.  Surprised to find he has left her without any means of support, Clara, with her two children, decides to return to the only place she ever felt loved;  Montana and the loving arms of her Aunt and Uncle.

Meanwhile, Curtis Billingham, the love of Clara’s life, is recovering from a sapphire mining accident at


A Dance At The Christmas Ball By Caroline Johnson



A Dance At The Christmas Ball By Caroline Johnson
A Dance At The Christmas Ball, cover



In A Dance At The Christmas Ball, author Caroline Johnson takes us back to Regency England in her latest inspirational romance novel.  Madelene Blackmore receives an invitation to her Aunt and Uncle’s estate for the Christmas season.   Matchmaking is on their mind.  Her relatives have decided Madelene and Lord Langley would be the perfect match.  Her cousin, Julia, does everything she can to further their mission.  However, when introduced to Madelene, Langley appears standoffish and cold.  How will Madelene overcome her first impression of Lord Langley?  Will Madelene dance with him?  Will the matchmaking bear fruit?

Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, relax, and enjoy my romance novel review of A Dance At The Christmas Ball.



First and foremost, A Dance At The Christmas Ball is perfect for an afternoon of relaxing enjoyment,


Breaking Amish Tradition By Sandra Becker




Breaking Amish Tradition
Breaking Amish Tradition




Author Sandra Becker’s new box set Breaking Amish Tradition has nine heartwarming books; you meet continuing characters in the various stories.  I love books with continuing themes and characters.  Some of the stories have two to three parts.  Immersing her stories in fundamental Amish traditions, romance, and Amish way of life, Becker’s nine books provide enjoyment and entertainment.

Books 1 and 2 finds Miriam facing her baptism without joy.  Falling in love with an Englisher John, they find trials and tribulations.  In books 3, 4 and 5, you find Sarah, aka Wildflower, born to Joshua and Mary, falling in love with banished Doctor Jacob, during rumspringa.  They must face the heart breaking possibility of Sarah losing one of the things she most loves.

Book 6 will introduce you to the Zook family of brothers and sisters.  Sarah and Aaron have many questions and hesitations before finding happy ever after.  In Book 7, twins Rachel and Abigail Zook must face separation and finding the one they thought they wanted may not be the one God intends to impart to them.

Book 8 introduces Joseph Zook and Rebecca Weidler.  Rebecca is the bane of Joseph’s life as a child.  However, God and nature turn the tables on Joseph.  Zachary Zook’s story revealed in Book 9 is next.  With his rumspringa approaching, he has questions.  Girls annoy him; he is man of the land with tools in hands and the smell of earth in nostrils.  God places Elisabeth in his path.  Elizabeth has questions and trials of her own.  This is their story.


Bite Somebody By Sara Dobie Bauer




bite somebody,cover
Bite Somebody, Cover



Bite Somebody, a wonderfully funny paranormal vampire novel, will entertain the reader from the first page to the last.  Get ready to laugh.  Celia is a riot a minute and Woodsy BO Guy is just plain wonderful.



In paranormal novel Bite Somebody, author Sara Dobie Bauer has created a vampire novel which is funny, witty, and just good entertainment.  Celia Merkin is a newbie.  A vampire newbie that is!  She sees herself as wimpy, lumpy, fat, and far from irresistible.  After her creator ask her if she wanted “to be perfect”, Celia woke up alone, a new vampire, unable to bite anyone for food, and she certainly was not perfect.  In fact, she was her same insecure old self, lumps and all.  She has a psychiatrist who does not understand her, a new friend, Imogene, who is crazy, and a new neighbor, Ian, that makes her motor run.  Her new crazy friend, Imogene, tells her to just bite somebody.  Celia wants her first time special, not just a bite for the bites sake.

Is the woodsy bo guy next door the answer to Celia’s problem?  Will Celia ever realize her insecurities are







“A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.”   Edward deBono









Author Betty Lee Crosby created a heart-tugging romance novel in Memory House. Crosby crafted characters in Ophelia and Annie, which were strong, determined and warm.

Ophelia, widowed early in life from her lifetime love, has a gift few possess. Ophelia spends her life in others memories by touching their possessions; possessions she calls her treasures. Reaching almost 90, Ophelia meets Annie and instantly knows she will play a role in Annie’s life.

Teaching Annie herbs and potions is only part of what Annie will learn from Ophelia. Annie craves security, love, husband, and children. Leaving a long-term dead-end relationship with manipulative Michael, Annie leaves the city for small town Burnsville. Ophelia rents Annie a room and the story begins. Each realizes


Nolan’s Vow By Linda Hubalek



Nolan's Vow, Cover jpeg
Nolan’s Vow, cover




Author Linda Hubalek creates an adventure in the Montana Territory and Kansas Prairie in her latest book, Nolan’s Vow. Part of the Montana Sky Grooms With Honor Series Kindle Worlds. You will find adventure, misunderstanding, prejudice, and love.

Half-breed Holly Brandt found respite and work with Myrtle after her father’s death.   Working as a cook and waitress, life has been good until Myrtle takes a fall and is injured. Working by herself, in Myrtles café, she meets Nolan Clancy when snow stops the train in their small town. As a result, many passengers are looking for food. Nolan offers to help in the café, after two obnoxious culprits harasses and threaten Holly. Although, Holly has found the life of a half-breed, full of prejudice and misconceptions, Nolan sees her as a person.

Myrtle surprisingly announces she is closing the café to live with her daughter. She assumes Holly will be welcome in her daughter’s home. They arrive to find a very different situation. Nolan traveling on the same train to protect Holly and Myrtle offers Holly work in his family café.

Upon arriving, Nolan and Holly are met with varying degrees of acceptation and prejudice. One surprise


Tears To Cheers By Stacy Eaton



Tears to Cheers by Stacy Eaton, cover
Tears To Cheers, Cover











Once upon a time a boy seventeen and a girl sixteen, fell in love and spent every possible minute together. He declared his undying love for her.  However, without a word the boy left town and the girl found she was pregnant.  He never contacted her again.  She had their baby, matured, became an ER nurse, and provided for their daughter.

This is the back drop of romance novel, Tears to Cheers.  However, fate will step in to bring resolution to this tale.  Fourteen years later that same boy, Ian Dugan, now a man, is laying in the ER with Linda Maxim standing over him.  Shocked beyond belief, Linda faints dead away.  Ian, badly injured, leaves Linda with lots of questions about why he is back in Celebration after so long.  Has he come back for her, does he know about their child Megan, why did he leave fourteen years ago, and why did he never contact her?  So many questions, mysteries, and problems needing resolution.


Finding You At Christmas by Kristin Wallace



Kristin Wallace, Finding You At Christmas
Finding You At Christmas




Finding You At Christmas is a clean sweet inspirational romance novel by Kristin Wallace.  Set in Shellwater Key Florida, just before Christmas, Janie Worthy, is oh so worthy.  Janie is the sister everyone wants.  Hard working, responsible, ready at a moments notice to step in, and always the one called on to head the latest project.  She is so worthy.  However, Janie wants a life.  At the wrong end of 39, she wants a man to call her own, a family and the happy ever after everyone else has.

At 17 years old Janie stepped in as the mother of the family and helped her father, the local Reverend.   Meanwhile, her life has passed her by.  Deciding to grab life by the horns, Janie heads out on a blind date orchestrated by her older sister.  Fate steps in and the rest is history.

When her car gives up the ghost, Janie is standing on the side of road when around the corner comes Bikerguy.  Handsome, gorgeous and mannerly, Bikerguy AKA Caleb Montgomery, lights a flame deep


Driving Miss Crazy By D. J. Van Oss


Driving Miss Crazy, cover










Romance novel, Driving Miss Crazy, is a fun-filled romp of laughter, fun, missteps, and love.  Widower, Adrian Adams, is raising his seven-year old daughter, Charlie.  To say he is protective of Charlie is at the very least an under statement.  His goal in life is providing Charlie with a stable home and safety.  Adrian’s employment, as a diplomatic driver, works well for him and Charlie.  Suddenly, he must find a new job.  As a result, he secures a placement at the Irish Embassy driving Miss Maggie McNally, the Ambassadors granddaughter.  Consequently, his life changes from placid and boring to rip-roaring.

Maggie McNally has spent her life trying to fit into her political families life of international diplomacy.  She can’t seem to find her niche.  Disaster follows Maggie through life and employment with the diplomatic division; and then you have the squirrels she attracts.  Is Maggie talking to the squirrels or what!  Can


Christmas Mystery Of The Heart By Caroline Johnson



Caroline Johnson, Christmas Mystery of the Heart
Christmas Mystery Of The Heart, Cover



Although a short  inspirational mystery romance novel, Christmas Mystery Of The Heart, is a clean, satisfying, and enjoyable readAuthor Caroline Johnson set this romance novel in 1820, Regency England.  Running from an abusive father, Lady Sarah Sayers becomes governess for the hunky Duke of Huntington’s son and daughter.  Taking the name, Sarah Brown, she finds two lovely small children.

Meanwhile, as time passes, Sarah and Oliver, become closer, sharing their love of the children.  However, Oliver has a dilemma.  He seeks Sarah advice to find a solution which will protect his children and his name.  Will they find the solution needed?  Will they overcome their problem of the commoner and the Duke?  Who is the man terrorizing the estate?  Will Sarah find the courage to reveal her sordid history?  Is there a happy ever after for this small troupe?


Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 By Various Authors




Sweet Christmas Kisses 3
Sweet Christmas Kisses 3








Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 has 17 sweet romantic stories perfect for any time of the year;  written by talented authors with the ability to enmesh the reader into the story-line.  I had the privilege of reviewing four of these sweet clean romances.  My romance novel review of those 4 selections follows below.



SWEET CHRISTMAS KISSES 3 On Christmas Eve By Mona Risk: 

Author Mona Risk crafted a tender story of mistakes and second chances as we follow Tiffany Ramsay, medical resident, and Dr. Matthew Alonso.  Fate has thrown them together for another chance


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