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How To Make Fine Mist Room Deodorizer

I love for my house to smell as if I just baked a pie, a bowl of fruit is on the table, Christmas is just around the corner,  or a fir-tree is sitting in the den.  I can’t use commercial room deodorizers due to a medical homemade-pain-relieving-salvecondition known as multiple chemical sensitivity.  Which means if the product has a petro chemical I will become very ill.  I had to find an alternative.

There are thousands of recipes on-line for DIY room deodorizers.  I am going to tell how I create my deodorizer.





Life On A Tobacco Farm By Vera Morton Mallard

This article is written from my memories as a child and teenager. I wish I could take a trip back to experience it all over again just for a day.  Before too long, no one will remember the way of life I will describe because those of us who lived it will be gone.  Rural farms are disappearing just as King Tobacco has disappeared.  Now, instead of growing tobacco, the land sets forlorn or is growing houses, condos, apartments, or mobile homes.




Life on a tobacco farm was hard back-breaking work.

I grew up in the South during a time when tobacco was King.  Everyone we knew grew, harvested, and cured tobacco in eastern rural North Carolina.

It was our cash crop and the only way of making a living for our families.  This was before we knew how harmful tobacco products were to our health.

We rose early on the farm when tobacco season was in full swing.  My father would rise around 4 in the


No Cats Allowed By Miranda James

no cats allowed

What Do You Like?

If You Like Murder Mysteries, This One Is For You!

It Was Murder; Murder Most Foul!  But To A Richly Deserving Victim!

No Cats Allowed By Miranda James Opens The Office Doors!

Diesel, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, is back on the job at the university library with his owner Charlie, along with a cast of characters.  Author Miranda James infused this book with awesome characters and opens


How to Make Crock Pot Room Scent/Deodorizer

I can’t use commercial products to make my house smell good;  I had to find an alternative.  I found many recipes on-line and adjusted to suite my sense of smell.

I purchased a small inexpensive crock pot familiar to the one at the bottom of the page.




Northwoods By Bill Schweigart


Powerful book full of monsters and evil!

Frightened By Monsters?

You will be frightened!  Sit down, relax, and prepare to be scared!

 Northwoods by Bill Schweigart has the horror market cornered!


I love Bill Schweigart novels, and I feel sure you will also.  The beginning chapter is action packed with horror, blood, guts, gore, and unexplained happenings as something deadly and evil has come to the Superior National


Crescent Vendetta By Desiree L. Scott

Crescent Vendetta



He Awoke Caged in Wolf Form


She Was Caged Near him In Wolf Form



This is an action packed shifter novel and author Desiree Scott’s take on that world.  This book transports


How To Make Hair Spray From Oranges




How to Use The Mighty Orange For Hair Spray


I posted a recipe for DIY hairspray some time ago.  I wanted to give you an update.  I always made this spray with lemons for light hair as my hair is grey.  Two weeks ago I needed hair spray, all I had was a huge orange; I mean a HUGE orange.  I decided to use this BIG boy for my spray.

I cut in rounds, added two cups of filtered water to pot and simmered down to 1 cup total.  After it cooled, I


Mae’s Choice By Kate Cambridge




Mae's choice 2


Could You Be A Mail Order Bride?


A Woman’s Search for Freedom And


The Choices She Made




This is the story of a young woman, Mae, searching for freedom to become who she’s meant to be and the man, Paul, she goes West to marry as a mail-order bride.  Knowing she will never meet a man in the East who will allow her to be her own person, she is off to the West and a mail-order marriage.  Afraid and


A Hard Candy Christmas By Hebby Roman



An Abandoned Woman Abused By Her Husband


A Strong Man With Issues Of His Own





In this novel by Author Hebby Roman we find Clint Graham sheep rancher and newly appointed Sheriff inquiring at the boardinghouse for a place to stay in town. He will have his hands full with the sheep ranchers and railroad workers at odds and his attraction to Abigail and her son. He has tragedies in his past he has not resolved.


Abigail Kerr Sanford, abandoned wife and mother, is a slave in her father’s boardinghouse.  After an


The Wren (Wings of West): Book One by Kristy McCaffrey

the wren




A Young Woman Thought Dead

A Man Carrying Guilt For Not Saving Her





Texas:  May, 1877

Molly Hart was dead.  She died along with her parents in an attack on the family’s ranch 10 years ago. The only thing wrong with that statement:   Molly wasn’t dead and she wasn’t buried along beside her parents.  She was alive and standing in front of Matthew Ryan on her run down family ranch.


Matthew had worked for Molly’s father and had carried guilt that shadowed all aspects of his life because


Bad Moon Rising by Mina Carter


Bad Moon Rising


New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author

A Hunky Werelion!

A Thief That’s Not What She Seems!

Sexual Attraction!

The Pages Steam!



Story Line:

Wow!  This novella is action packed with shifters, demons, werelocks, betrayal, and a hunky purring feline shifter that gets our heroine’s motor running.  Ms. Carter’s heroine, Beth, has run since she was 11 years old when her Warlock father tried to kill her.


Springing a tail for a Warlock just is not done.  After all, Warlocks are a snobby group.  That tail revealed a


Hope Makes A Decision By Annie Boone

Hope Makes A Decision


Annie Boone’s  Book #2 of The Parson’s Daughters Series

An Independent Woman Meets

Her Match In Man And God




Story Line:

Annie Boone has penned the second novel in The Parson’s Daughters Series.  In this novel, you will find Hope determined to start her own business and spread her wings.


She wants to be an independent business woman.  She doesn’t have time for a man or love.  At least that


How Do You Define Success?

vera at hoover dam


We each define success differently.  For me it was removing all the spammers from my blog.  What a nightmare that has been.  I have installed security measures that hopefully will stop them.

Who knew what a problem spammers could cause.  It is now clean and fresh.  Some of you will have to


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