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Night of the Living Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Book Review

This is the 7th book of this series and the first one I have read. I did not feel I was lost by beginning with number 7.  I will be reading the earlier books now that I have had a taste of night of the living demon slayerAngie Fox work.

This is not your normal paranormal romance story.   Lizzie Brown is a demon slayer; she  has a talking Dog name Pirate, a toddler dragon she calls Flappy, a Granny that is a witch and part of a spell casting witch biker gang that recruits at the senior citizens home,  her husbands Dimitri is a (hot with a capital H) griffin, whom by the way, she has a thing for, a necromancer friend Carpenter that needs help in New Orléans, and a cast of assorted odd, quirky, and unconventional characters.   Carpenter had no idea what he’s getting into when he asked for Lizzie’s help, suddenly he has the witch senior citizen biker gang helping as well and traveling not only on their bikes but with a school bus full of witch stuff.  Off the entire band


Secondhand Bride by Nancy Warren

Book Review

Ashley Carnarvon has always been the poor relation of the very rich Carnarvon family.  She lives with her unwed mother, Melody Carnarvon, on the largess of the Carnarvons; living on Secondhand Bridehand-me-downs and a home provided by the Carnarvons.  Her life is aimless partying with her friend and lover of ten years, Eric Von Hoffendam, working enough for spending money, and living on the outside of the ultra rich, never invited inside their world to their parties or tables.  Suddenly Eric proposes and somehow she’s engaged to a very rich aimless young man. She felt something was a little off;  his parents, Grace and Charles, welcomed Ashley and her mother with open arms and can’t seem to get them married fast enough. The Carnarvons loan Ashley a  used “Evanageline Wedding Dress” worth thousands of dollars.  It seems cursed as the seamstress cursed the dress after Evanageline criticized her work; Cousin Ted’s bride never got to wear it, as Ted chose an older woman


The Gem (The Malloy Family) by Beth Williamson

Book Review

This book is part of a series; it can be read as a stand alone.

Miss Charlotte Marie Chastain, better known as Charlie, is not your ordinary frock wearing, every hair in the gemplace female.  Miss Charlie is just a little odd and a  tomboy of the first order; she does everything she can to not appear weak, dependent or female, wears pants, hunts, and swears like no-bodies business. Charlie has a hidden trauma that has cast shadows over her life and made her what she has become.  Elijah (Eli) Sylvester, better known as Fixit around the fort because he can fix anything is considered slow, dim, a throwaway by most except Charlie. Eli spent his whole life being bullied.  Eli is not slow nor dimwitted, he is actually very smart though shy, and he is Charlies best friend.   Eli has loved Charlie for years; Charlie is clueless.  That is, until she walks in on Eli naked.  Wowzer, that was an eye opener for Charlie, both physically and mentally.  Watching Charlie blooms from an unaware, emotionally stunted, awkward teenager in a 25 yr old body was amazing.  Growing pains are hard in the teenage years, but for a 25 yr old this was especially hard; the trauma Charlie hides has stunted her emotional and


Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie

Chasing Victory


Paranormal Romance


Super Soldiers, Super Men


Full Of Action


Chasing Victory is an action packed paranormal romance book containing a cast of characters,  with and without paranormal abilities. It is rich in military SOCOM ops, science experiments to create super soldiers, human and animal DNA sequencing, kidnapping, murder, telepathy, hot love, and more.


Author Joanne Jaytanie catches your attention from the first chapter with a brutal murder and the action keeps coming with romance thrown in to rev up the action.  Victory Winters is on the run after seeing an old boyfriend and colleague, Jeffery Maxwell,  killed; one of


How to Make Favored Water Recipe For Pennies

Since it is so HOT,  I thought I would post an excellent drink you can make and it taste go good. I will also be reviewing about 13 books in the coming weeks from different genre.oranges-1117498_640


1.  1 glass jug or whatever you have that can hold at least 1/2 to 1 gal of liquid. I use glass because of my chemical sensitivity.

2.  1 orange ( I use Naval Oranges from the box store, they were huge).  You do not have to use the entire orange, I use about 4-5 slices of a large naval orange. Store rest in refrigerator for use later.  Use organic if available for all the fruit in the recipe as they are better for you.

3.  1-2 lemons (it really depends on how much lemon you like or leave out if you like)

4.  l medium to large sprig of mint(doesn’t matter which flavor, just whatever you like, personally,  I grow


Gambling on the Outlaw, A Nevada Bounty Novel by Margaret Madigan

gamblingonthe outlaw2


A Band Of Misfit Women


A Good Man Framed


A Villain Most Foul


Beth Caldwell is the widow of a gambling man; she was always at his side except for the day he died. Widowed, serving as a lowly paid midwife, Beth Caldwell has problems of major proportions.


She lives on her small ranch with a cast of women misfits, the neighboring very rich rancher, Clay Dearborn, wants to marry her for her land and doesn’t want the misfits; a gambling friend is holding a $5,000.00 marker of her husbands and wants his money, and to just finish off a really bad day, she finds a


Five Days in Skye by Carla Yvonne Laureano

Book Review

This is a romance set in beautiful Scotland.  Andrea Sullivan is a professional hospitality consultant; she is good at her job but on her last consultation she rebuffed a clients advances.   Andrea feels she is being punished when her boss sends her to Scotland and international acclaimed Chef James MacDonald on a consulting job.


Andrea is obsessed with her job and redeeming herself after the last fiasco.  Both characters are strong independent career minded people.  Andrea keeps seeing James as a man with ulterior motives. All  James wants is to open a hotel in Scotland that he did not get to open with his father before he passed and to become close to Andrea.


The book begins with a funny meeting between Andrea and James, that just made me howl.  What follows is a ramp thru beautiful Scotland.  The author, Carla Yvonne Laureano’s descriptions of Scotland were so vivid I could see each scene she


Hello World

How is everyone on this HOT HOT Wednesday?

I am late with this week’s review because the book I was reviewing had editing problems. Soooooo, I gave up, it was too distracting. Good story but pages were in the wrong places and other things.

I have started a new book and hope to have it up before the week ends.

Stay cool, remember to hydrate as much as possible in this heat.

Wear light color clothing (at least thats what my mama always said)

Remember our pets are just as hot as we are, leave them plenty of water and place them in a shaded area if you cannot bring them inside. Check on them frequently and, as always,  have your vets phone number handy in case it is needed.


Second Helpings At The Serve You Right Cafe by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

Book Review

Emet is the chef at the Second Helpings At The Serve You Right Cafe, he is also an ex-con released after 10 years spent in the Big House for manslaughter.  Eden Rose, a reformed alcoholic, is Emet’s boss and fount of 2nd helpings at th serve youwisdom.  Eden Rose’s one liners were wonderful and full of sage advice. I loved them.


She befriends everyone and dispenses her brand of wisdom and help.  Emet has met someone he wants to date, Mercedes; he has a dilemma how does he tell her he is an ex-con.


Mercedes has her own problems, her mom left Mercedes and her brother Clay her house when she moved into assisted living.  Mercedes promised that Clay could always stay in the house.  Clay, is a good for nothing low life junkie that does not work nor does he want to work; dope is his life.


Mercedes is moving out and leaving Clay in the house, and Clay is livid.  Clay doesn’t want to lose his


Beauty and the Rake (The Rookery Rogues #3)by Erica Monroe


beauty and the rake

This is the third book of the Rookery Rogues, but can be read as a stand alone.

Beauty and The Rake is the first of this series I have read.  Author Erica Monroe has created a wonderful take on the old fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.  This is a different type of Victorian novel as it does not involve nobles nor people of quality.  I found this very refreshing.


Abigail and Inspector Michael Strickland are definitely not from the noble class. Abigail Vautille lives in impoverishment in the poorest area of Whitechapel. Life is an exhausting business in the


His Blushing Bride by Dani Collins

Book Review

Piper Tierney is a music teacher in the small town of Marietta; she has a few issues.   Although she is a beauty, she has a birth mark on her face that has always made her feel inferior and insecure due to the cruelty she endured during childhood.


Then her world is turned up side down when Sebastian Bloom moved into her parents home for his sister wedding while her parents are traveling abroad.

The sparks fly between Piper and Bastian, as he prefers.  He is very worldly, rich and very attracted to Piper.  Piper is a  24 yr old repressed small town virgin that never dated until college and very little then.


She is the girl that’s always ready to help with the latest school project; filling her life with busy.  The sexual tension and love scenes in this book are very intense.  Bastian must


A Minor Shift by Tabitha Conall

a minor shift



Shifter Novella





Bowie Garrison is a lion shifter and he has an obsession, its’ name is Eva.   His lion is loose after Eva refuses his attentions. Their first kiss is earth-shaking and Bowie marks her with his scent.


Eva, is a jaguar shifter, and  is not ready for a mate; her career is first now.  Eva had seen what trying to have a mate, a family,  and a career had done to her mother.   Eva will find that with Bowie she can have it


How To Make DIY Hairspray with lemons or oranges



As I promised:

following is my do it yourself (DIY) hairspray.  No, it’s not commercial hairspray that is full of bad stuff for your hair and it wont hold a Mack truck in place.  It is an alternative spray. I love it.  I use the lemons in my recipe as I have grey hair, if you have dark hair use oranges. There are many recipes on the internet for DIY hairspray. I found this one on This site has many wonderful recipes you can make and I have found their recipes are reliable and their information is accurate.

Recipe for Hairspray from

You will need:

1 orange for dark hair or lemon for light hair(organic if possible)

2 cups distilled or filtered water

2-3 tablespoons of high-proof vodka or a clear gain alcohol(the first time I went to the ABC Store I almost crawled in and out of the store, I had never been in an ABC Store. I felt as if everyone in my community was watching me)  🙂 🙂

6-8 drops of lavender essential oil(100% essential not fragrance oils) I do use the any oils in my spray as I have multiple chemical sensitivity and any highly scented product will induce an asthma attack. THIS IS OPTIONAL



Power Shift by Calinda B

Paranormal Romance Book Review


power shift










Charming Alaska is not your normal town. Charming has shifters, vampires, and humans.  Charming is shifter paradise.  This is a fun story.  I thought when I started the book I would not like it;  after the first couple of pages I was hooked.  This town is full of quaint, quirky, sexy, annoying, funny characters.  From the dumb blonde human to the leg humping dog shifter.

Chia Petit is the town manager.  It’s her job to keep the peace between everyone and enforce her town ordinances, of which there are many.  Chia has a thing for Hung Durand, (Hung according to Chia being the operative word) a bounty hunter that doesn’t follow her rules.  The sexual tension between these two burns up the pages.  This not your ordinary shifter story, far from


Justified (Book 2 Mended Hearts Series) by Varina Denman



Contemporary Christian Novel

Fantastic Novel


Although this is Book 2 of the series, Mended Hearts,  it is a stand alone novel. However, I would suggest you read Jaded first, as it will give you an in-depth look at Trapp, its citizens and the Church in Trapp.


This story will take us back to Trapp, Texas, small town America and it’s still the same gossip laden town it was in Jaded.  To give you some background, Fawn Blaylock is trying to put her life back together.  Alone, pregnant, and almost penniless, she is befriended by Ruthie Turner and Ruthie’s family which includes JohnScott.  JohnScott will become a major part of this book.


Fawn’s daddy, Neil, is the richest man in Trapp and an hypocritical Christian. Fawn had lived the life of 


Jaded by Varina Denman





Trapp, Texas could be any town in America. We find a small town rift with gossip and deceit. In Trapp, Author Varina Denman shows us what happens when the Church forgets God is head of the Church and not man, and man circumvents the teachings of God.


This book is captivating. Author Varina Denman gives us the mom, Lynda Turner,  considered a tramp and turned out by the Church, the daughter Ruthie tarred with the same brush, the new single Preacher,  Dodd and his family, Ruthie’s cousin JohnScott who stood by Ruthie through thick and thin, the newly released convict Clyde convicted of statutory rape,  and of


Holding Fire By Scott Hughes Short Stories of Self Destruction


I will admit I have on more than one occasion skipped the introduction to a book, I want to get to the meat Holding Fireof book, fast. I am glad I did not with this one, I started this book with a thoughtful mind in regards to vengeance, holding on to it and its self-destructive traits.

Running with Guilt by Maggie Stancu was proof of the old adage if you seek revenge, go ahead and dig two graves, one for them and one for you.  Ms. Stancu proved this adage in this story and did so very well.


The victim kills Vic’s sister. Vic wanted revenge for her sister death. Vic found she was not as cold-blooded as she thought, she had a conscience.


Dog Eat Dog by Joy Meenah.  Ms. Meenah certainly proved that vengeance is a two-sided sword. Pam is the supervisor from hell. She demoralized the office. She had a secret agenda.  Pam found she had met her match in the lowly employee, Elaine.  Elaine is much more than she seemed. Ms. Meenah did such a


Rescuing An Angel By Ann Jacobs

Book Review

Contemporary Romance

After a very trying surgery Dan Newman, surgeon, literally bowled over Gayla Levin in the hospital hallway. Rescuing an Angel All Gayla wanted to do was deliver an envelope to her estranged domineering father Dr. Eli Levine; she is not happy to find herself laying on the floor.


Dan was immediately attracted to Gayle.  Gayle thinks all doctors have a “God complex” but still the attraction hits her.


Dan has a physical handicap, so much so, Dr Levine tried to persuade him not to become a surgeon.  Gayle’s handicap is not physical but emotional and mental.  Dan has overcome his handicap but just as in life, Dan is thrown a curse ball to overcome.


Gayle picked herself up out of the bottle and  pills to try to redeem her life, to make a difference in others lives, Dan can give the support she needs.  Mrs. Jacobs portrayed the sexual tension, frustration, and family discord very well.


The attraction between Dan and Gayle was fire hot. Their thoughts about each both could melt cold steel.  The love scenes burn up the pages.


Hello World

I hope all of you are doing well on this wet Friday. Rain, Rain go away! As you see below I finished my latest book, sorry for the delay, we were all over everywhere this week with doctors and therapy. I hope you enjoy the review.  The book was very good. I will be reviewing a horror anthology next week. So get ready to be scared.

Nascar races this week, Yahoo!  Go Junior!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend.


Into The Land Of Darkness By Kristy McCaffrey

Book Review

Ethan Barstow and  Kate Kinsella are looking for the same man, Ethan’s brother Charley, in this action into the land of shadowspacked western romance authored by Kristy McCaffrey.  They are under several misconceptions.


Kate’s looking for Charley Barstow to return him to his pregnant fiancé, Agnes. Kate mistakenly thinks Ethan is a killer and outlaw per Charley’s drunken ramblings. Ethan is looking for his brother Charley to mend fences and make peace. From conversations in town, Ethan thinks Kate is Charley’s fiancé.


They decide to continue the hunt together after an action packed rescue of Kate by Ethan.  This story features two very strong people who believe the worse of each other, but know in their hearts it can’t be true.


Author Kristy McCaffrey gives us raging river crossings, outlaws as Kate stated “the most inept outlaws ever”, mysterious appearances of  Joe the Indian,  a wolf called Bart is there when needed, attacks by Indian children, good and evil spirits, and attraction between two main characters that grows day by day until there is nothing to do but give in.


Kristy McCaffrey kept the story moving with a good plot, and sub-characters and lots of action.  The story has more than a touch of the paranormal that was very enjoyable and added flavor to the plot, as well as the mystery.  I


Hello Everyone

I started a new book today.  Due to doctors appointments the next several days, I can’t post my review as quickly. I will post as soon as possible.

Nascar race was good yesterday.  My boy, Junior did not do very well, but, hey, that’s ok he’s still my man.  Just one time I would love for the radio announcers to call the televised race. I love how excited the radio broadcasters get calling the race, can you imagine seeing what they call! No, I can’t put the radio on the tv, it’s too big and it would drive me crazy to hear the race from one part of the room and see it in another.

I need to make more shampoo and hair conditioner, I will post those recipes soon. I also make a good hair spray, very simple and works great for pennies rather than dollars. I will so post a few sites for lots of DIY recipes.


It is time to make my DIY weed killer, works great, I will also post that soon. Only thing I have found it will not kill is poison oak and sumac.  Boy, poison oak and sumac are tough.

Will post again soon




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