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Silk and Scars by Cassandra Dean

Book Review

This story begins in London and Devon in 1845. Gwen is employed by Lord Beecham in the London law Silk and Scars by Cassandra Deanfirm that handles legal matter for the Edward, Duke of Sowrith. She mistakenly mixes a personal letter in with correspondence to Edward.


Thus begins the writing friendship of Gwen and Edward. The letters flow back and forth for over a year.  In these letters each show their fears.  Edward reveals he is physically scarred and for this reason he rarely leaves Devon , where is he accepted. Gwen reveals her fear for the health and well- being of her parents and how she longs for home.


Author Cassandra Deans descriptions were so vivid I could easily see the scene described; whether it was the tors and moors described by Edward or setting the scene of reading Gwen’s and Edward’s letters.


Edward demands Lord Beecham and his scribe Gwen come to Devon immediately, after Gwen wrote of an incident occurring at the firm. Edward and Gwen would finally


An Elaborate Hoax by Shirley Marks

Book Review

Mr. David Cavanaugh has a problem. His Grandmother has been on her death-bed several times; she elaborte hoaxwanted him married with heirs before she died. He invented a family, then she miraculously recovered.

He kept up the ruse to keep her healthy and happy. On her death-bed again, David must produce his family. Mrs. Penny Parker is just what he needs, along with his niece and nephew as his children. This begins the tale of David and Penny.


David’s idea of caring for his grandmother is writing to her not providing his companionship.
David is rather dense when it comes to women and their emotions or how to deal with either. Author Shirley Marks portrayed him as rather out of touch, in his words, he never seemed to do the right thing. Is David correct, are his grandmothers servants ease-dropping on their every word? Did everyone really believe his hoax family really existed?


Mrs. Penny Parker takes on the task of moving David from standing back and watching life, to becoming involved in the everyday world of family life. As with many gentlemen of his time period, they did not take


Hello World

Hi everyone,
Finally its Saturday. I watched the Xfinity Nascar Race today from Dover. It was a good race. Looking forward to tomorrows race with the big boys. GO JUNIOR. yes I am one of the Junior Nation!
Finished my latest book, Finally His Bride, the review follows.
My next book is a little longer than some, it will take me a little longer to read, but it sounds like a goody.
See ya next time.

Finally His Bride (Montana Born Brides Book 4) by Maisey Yates

Book Review

Luke is a man on overload when he enters Grays’ Bar and sees his friend Melanie hitting on a stranger. He Finally His Brideis dealing with a lot in his life now; his unmarried sister and Becket from Montana Born Brides Book 3 are pregnant. He thinks his business partner has stolen money, he needs to get laid but doesn’t hook up in his hometown; his life is going down the tubes, and his friend Melanie doing something totally out of character.


His Melanie was a delicate flower abused physically by her father as child; not this woman dressed to seduce and looking to hook up. So begins the story of Luke and Melanie, two people with issues, they have a lot to work out before they find that happy ever after.


Luke had always been Melanie’s protector, why is she so suddenly appealing sexually . Melanie had always wanted Luke. She wasn’t waiting any longer.  A dance of attraction begins. This book runs the gauntlet of emotions; physical and emotional abuse, dyslexia, fears of commitment, family issues, and low self-esteem. Author Maisey Yates did a great job of depicting the fear and


Sarah’s Heart and Passion by Ginger Simpson

Sarah's Heart and Passion





Western romance full of emotion



Author Ginger Simpson has crafted a western romance full of emotion.  Get out the hankies because this one is a tearjerker.



On the Santa Fe Trail, Sarah awakes to a nightmare. Indians have attacked the wagon train on which she is traveling from Independence to California.  Sarah was running from a forced marriage after her parent’s death. Everyone on the wagon train is dead except for Sarah and another traveler Molly. Sarah will become much stronger than she ever thought possible.  Sarah does her best to treat Molly’s injuries, but Molly does not survive.  Sarah dresses as a man and heads out, leaving a wounded Indian Gray Wolf, on the side of trail.  Later she is rescued by Gray Wolf.  This is the beginning of an emotionally story-line.

Come join them for a journey of discovery, love, desperation, prejudice and surprises.



The Author Ginger Simpson’s character development and descriptive writing was intense.  The author sets a scene of graphic horror.  The opening of the story was very powerful for me, as I could see the devastation, as she stumbles around the wagon train; Ginger Simpson’s writing was very vivid .  Sarah meets many mishaps: hunger, heat, stampeding basin, an injured Indian, and snakebite.


Montana Man by DeAnn Smallwood

Montana Man





Ben spent 4 yrs in Yuma Prison; aptly name “Hell Hole”. Those years turned him from a boy to a very bitter man, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.


He had received treatment within those walls no one should have to endure. His one driving need is to prove himself innocent & seek revenge. After release he is near death on the banks on the river. Wisteria is a spinster caring for her widowed brother’s child, Robin.


Wisteria’s brother sent for her under devious means then left her alone with the baby in near poverty. Baby Robin just made me want to smile. Author DeAnn Smallwood created a wonderful character in Baby Robin; she brought a wonderful element to this story. Wisteria finds Ben, sick, fevered, and unconscious, nurses him back to


Unconquerable Callie by DeAnn Smallwood

Book Review

This is a wonderful western with Callie as the heroine. Her spinster Aunt Bertha, who late in life has Unconquerable Callierecently married, raised Callie. The new husband has a nephew, who needs a wife. Aunt Bertha thinks Callie needs a husband.


Callie is a woman out of step with the time; she is smart, stubborn, independent, and determined. She refused to fit the mold of the day, so she runs away to find her dream, a bakery in South Pass Wyoming.


Woven thru this story are the realities of crossing to the west on a wagon train; this is the story of one of those crossings. Only strong men and women survived the trip, Callie is one of those women. Callie grows into a strong woman who has a smart mind that earned the respect of her fellow travelers.


Her opinions were respected and sought out. The way west was harsh, Callie became a woman who met each challenge as well as any man as she faces, raging rivers, heat, unforgiving terrain, disease, and Indians, earning the respect and love of the Seth, the wagon captain.


What a character in Callie, author DeAnn Smallwood created. I chuckled as I read some of Callie’s antics in dealing as a woman in a mans world. I thought I would howl when Seth was oh so


Heart of the Hawk by Justine Davis

This book is a historical western romance with a paranormal twist, very well done by the Author Justine Heart of the HawkDavis.  Josh Hawk is a well-known gun fighter, the last of a long line of Hawks.


According to his grandfather a mysterious book will appear to the last Hawk when needed. This book is a history of the Hawk bloodline and prophesies the Hawk bloodline will never end. After the victim’s widow, Kate, rescues him from hanging proving her husband was not unarmed when he attacked Josh, the book suddenly appears in his saddlebag.


The widow, Kate, greatly abused by her husband, is left alone to run their general store. Josh feeling guilty decides to stay and help her. Between the book and his growing attraction


Bride By Mistake By Nicole Helm

This contemporary love story features, good girl virgin Kaitlin and sad seed, bad boy, playboy, Beckett; two Bride by Mistakepeople who do everything they can to live up to what people think and want of them.


Good Girl Kaitlin has been in love with a fantasy, Carter, since elementary school; a fantasy that proposes to and marries her sister. Kaitlin is devastated. Both meet again at the wedding of rich fine reputation Carter and Wild sister Sierra. Beckett had always rubbed Kaitlin the wrong way, and she did her best to rub right back.



Undercover Bride by Margaret Brownley

Undercover Bride

This is the 2nd book in a series and occurs after the Civil War. Can be read as a stand-alone.


Maggie Thomas is a Pinkerton Detective Agent under orders to either prove or disprove Garrett Thomas, father to Elise and Toby, is the Whistle Stop Bandit, while appearing as a delicate, charming, unassuming, ladylike mail-order bride Garrett ordered.


This is a little hard to carry out for out spoken, opinionated, independent


At Home In Persimmons Hallow by Gerri Bauer

My first book review on my blog:

Author: Gerri Bauer

In 1886, Agnes Foster flees, St. Isidore’s Home, the only home she has ever known to find herself on a train bound for the frontier, Persimmon Hallow, Fl. At the behest of Miss Eunice and Fanny Alloway of Persimmon Hallow, Agnes is the new teacher.


Agnes was raised by nuns in an orphanage, and has a solid faith in God and is a devoted Catholic. Florida is a world away from the city and Catholic orphanage, but the teaching of Mother Superior was ingrained in Agnes, especially, her advice that preachiness is not Godliness and to not offer advice when it is not sought.


Mother Superiors advice to Agnes is sorely tested when she meets Seth Taylor. Seth is the Uncle to young Billy, whom Agnes agreed to watch over on the train until they reached


Welcome World

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I will be reviewing books that I have read. I hope to find books that will also interest you as well. I hope to also post on lots of DIY projects and recipes in the future.

I am a reviewer for Reading Alley, and post to

THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG! We will publish this blog together, you with your comments, and I will implement your great comments and suggestions.

This blog is a work in progress, please bare with me, lots of great stuff will be coming! Bookmark me and return frequently for the latest.

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